Fantasy Cover Makeovers:

Beginning with Doc stories number 97 and 98, Bantam began issuing two novels in one volume. The covers illustrations were split between the two stories, usually illustrated by the phenominal Bob Larkin. I've taken these Doc Doubles and made them over into Doc singles. You'll also find an Ominbus cover or two made over as singles as well, like UP FROM EARTHS CENTER, using the cover illutration from Doc Omnibus Number 13.

In 1991 Bantam published new Doc Savage novels, which thrilled Doc Savage fans like myself. What didn't thrill me were the graphics on the covers. Here you'll find make overs of ESCAPE FROM LOKI by Philip Josť Farmer and all seven of the Will Murray/Lester Dent novels.

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New cover designs created by Keith "Kez" Wilson

Original cover brilliance by Bob Larkin, James Bama, Fred Pfeiffer, Steve Assel and Joe DeVito

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